Job Description

A- Leadership Role

  • Upholds, safeguards, and promotes company’s philosophy, including vision, mission
    and values to ensure that they are pertinent and practiced throughout the company;
  • Provides leadership and ensures efficient and effective management of staff and
    resources under direct supervision;
  • In consultation with HR department, implements effective succession planning, people
    management, development, recruitment, assessment and retention strategies for the

B- Policy Development

  • In conjunction with the management team, plans and develops company policies &
    procedures and ensures that they are carried out and administered fairly and
  • Reviews and advises management on the effectiveness of internal policies and
    procedures, and brings up ideas to change, improve and update as appropriate.

C- Planning and Budgeting

  • Works effectively with relevant departments to plan and develop company’s strategies,
    policies and procedures, and ensures that they are communicated and exercised in an
    efficient and effective way;
  • Plans and develops the short and long-term strategic plans of the division in charge, and
    take corrective actions during implementation to ensure successful operations.

D- Operation Functions
 Leasing and customer service:

  • Directs the leasing of vacant spaces including stores and outlets, kiosks, promotional
    areas, advertising panels and so forth to ensure an optimum occupancy rate and revenue
  • Manages the overall operations of food court including hygiene, services, and food
    safety to ensure that standards of quality, health and safety are met;
  • Controls the overall customer services of the mall by analyzing customer needs,
    developing customer care facilities, and handling customer complaints etc. to ensure
    customer satisfactory and standards of service excellence;
  • Works closely with Marketing and relevant departments to carry out various marketing
    programs and activities for the purpose of maximizing the traffic and purchasing power
    in the mall.
     Maintenance:
  • Manages and directs effectively and efficiently the maintenance team of the mall to
    deliver the efficient services to customers including mechanical & electrical, air-con &
    plumbing, masonry, escalator & lift, etc. and ensures the services provided are met to
    the customer’s needs;
  • Ensures the adherence of all maintenance staff to the company policies and procedures
    and compliance with the health and safety legislation;
  • Takes proper care on the company properties and equipment by carrying out scheduled
    maintenance and quality inspection to minimize technical malfunction and maximize its
    useful life.
     Public safety:
  • Maintains a safe and secure environment for customers and employees by establishing
    and enforcing security policies and procedures, supervising security guard forces, and
    carrying out regular trainings;
  • Benchmarks with other organizations/authorities to utilize best practices and principles
    in the area of security and risk management, emergency issues, evacuation plan, and
    disaster recovery plan, etc;
  • Manages self-inspections, compliance audits and security inspections by governmental
  • Builds good relationship with governmental authorities to ensure a safe and secure
    environment both in the mall and surround the mall including theft and burglary,
    direction of traffic, accessibility to car parks and various entrances, and minimizing the
    possibility of accidents and traffic chaos.
     Housekeeping:
  • Manages the daily activities of the Housekeeping team including appropriate cleaning
    of all offices, parking, seating areas, washrooms, food court, advertising panels, and all
    public area in the mall;
  • Plans, organizes and directs housekeeping team members to ensure the highest degree
    of guest satisfaction; conducts regular inspection and supervision;
  • Ensures all Housekeeping personnel are familiar with the utilization of cleaning
    equipment and in-mall facilities for the purpose of work efficiency and assisting guests.

E- Performs ad-hoc assignments from time to time.

Job Requirement:
 Master Degree/Bachelor degree in Business Administration or other related field.
 Minimum 7 years experience in retail and/or related shopping center or other related field.
 Management and leadership skill;
 Excellent communication skill both written and verbal; excellent interpersonal skills and a
collaborative management style;
 Persuasion and conflict resolution skills;
 Strategic and analytical still;
 English Proficiency; Chinese is plus;
 MS-Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.).MS-Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc);
 Result-orientated self-starter and high energy; able to work independently but also a strong
team player; dependable and organized;
 Excellent interpersonal and ability to deal with multiple tasks effectively and establish
 Ability to work independently combined with a strong collaborative style of
 Creative and innovative approach to solving problems;
 Have a natural instinct for business and management.

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