Phum Omnan SORYA

ឱកាសក្នុងការកក់ទីតាំងល្អ សំរាប់ចូលរួមកម្មវិធី ភូមិអំណាន សូរិយា ដែលមានការដាក់តាំងពិពរណ័សៀវភៅជាច្រើន នឹងមានកម្មវិធីកំសាន្តផ្សេងៗ ជាច្រើនទៀតនៅផ្សារទេសចរណ៏ នៃផ្សារទំនើបសូរិយាសេនធ័រ ភ៍នធ៏ ជាន់ទី៤
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The Bazaar

Phnom Penh was once known as the “Pearl of Asia” and it’s no surprise, as the old heart of the city is home to many noteworthy, traditional Khmer and French colonial structures…

Treasures of Cambodia

raditional Cambodian arts and crafts include silk weaving, hand pounded silverwork, statues, handicraft, Angkorian and Buddhist stone and wood carvings, basketry, lacquerware, pottery…

Flavours of Cambodia

hmer Cuisine shares many commonalities with the food of neighboring Thailand and Vietnam as well as influences from Chinese and French cuisine…

SORYA Center Point’s grand reopening

December 19, 2017 |
SORYA Center Point hosted a big event to mark the reopening of their shopping mall. The event was attended by a lot of VIP guests from the government, private sectors and local media. The former Sorya shopping mall is now the revamped to SORYA Center Point and $5 million was spent of renovations. Its owners say it is now a Khmer-foreign mixed mall with new strategies to attract customers and tourists. Inside SORYA Center Point are display of lots of products such as clothing, computers, electronics, food, beverages, games, toys, beauty products, jewellery, watches cinemas and much more.