Job Description:

  1. Attending to sick employee

• Assists the doctor in attending to sick employees at the infirmary on a timely basis;
• Dispenses medication for sick employees in accordance to the doctor’s prescription;

  1. Medical record, report and inventory

• Assists doctor in updating and maintaining proper and accurate medical history of each employee while ensuring their confidentiality at same time;
• Assists doctor in controlling medicines issuance and check the medicines ledgers on regular basis to ascertain adequate stock is maintained;
• Assists doctor to ensure that proper medical administrative records and electronic medical recording system are maintained and updated at all time;
• Assists doctor in controlling the proper usage of medicines and drugs to prevent wastage, update and maintain a record of its inventory for necessary action;

  1. Safety or health hazards and hygienic inspection

• Assists doctor in conducting inspection at the production area to ensure safety regulations are observed by employees and to identify potential safety or health hazards and recommend suitable solutions;
• Assists doctor in conducting regular inspection at the canteen to ensure hygienic preparation and storage of perishable foodstuff to curb infectious diseases;

  1. Health Share
    • Assists doctor to share knowledge on essential personal health program to promote healthy living lifestyle among the company staff;
  2. Reporting
    • Assists doctor to prepare monthly medical report to superior;
  3. Zero work-related incidents and accidents
    • Behaves in a healthy and safe way;
    • Must take care of own and to other employee’s safety;
    • Must report any unsafe workplace condition, accidents, incidents and near misses in a timely, open and thorough manner;
  4. Other duties
    • Additional duties may be assigned by Head of Human Resource when deemed necessary.

Job Requirement:

  • Diploma or its equivalent in Nursing Skill.
  • Must have 1-2 years of continuous nursing experience as a nurse in a hospital or averaged sized private clinic.
  • Knowledge in administration of tropical medicine;
  • Wound stitching skills would be advantageous though not necessary;
  • Good Communication and interpersonal skill;
  • Good Spoken and Written English;
  • Presentation skill;
  • Computer literacy (Word, Excel, PowerPoint…).
  • Respect and openness;
  • Team work;
  • Personal growth

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