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Canadia Bank Plc. was established on 11th November 1991 as “Canadia Gold & Trust Corporation Ltd.”, joint-venture between Cambodian – Canadians and the National Bank of Cambodia (Central Bank of Cambodia). The bank’s management consisted of former staff of the National Bank of Cambodia and its Cambodian – Canadian shareholders. The main activities were based on gold transactions, gold plaque manufacturing and lending to local merchants. On 19th April 1993 the name was changed into CANADIA BANK LTD., licensed as a Commercial Bank with the National Bank of Cambodia and registered with the Ministry of Commerce. On 16th December 2003 the name of the bank changed into CANADIA BANK PLC. (Public Limited Company). Banking with Canadia Bank means a relationship with us and our banking professionals. Our customers are our priority and we deliver world-class banking. Canadia Bank leads in long-standing local experience, a wide network of branches and an uncompromising focus on financial strength and reliability. With an extensive range of products and services, and the most qualified and knowledgeable banking professionals, Canadia Bank has the right solutions for you. Canadia Bank is your best partner.

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